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les femmes


    Les Femmes, The Women (In French), represents the embodiment and power of being a woman. The collective and exhibition shows the public a side of the female that includes strength, independence, and intelligence. The 3 artists involved aim to create a new perspective of women to the public across all aspects of the masculine world that we live in and try to conquer the stereotypes that are automatically situated with the female. 

It’s about the figurative and literal measure of a woman; the shape of her body and what she looks like, the art of her monthly bleed and how she curates the family album.


Each artist represents a different aspect of the female anatomy and her ‘role’ throughout mixed media, installation and photography.

founded by;

Chelsea Summers, Kelsee Gwyther & Chloe Lawless




Les Femmes Satellite Show

20.05.22 - 01.06.22

Elysium Gallery,

16 College St,



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